IMMERSION:tools.jam– Who We Are

11 11 2009

IMMERSION:tools.jam is a Community of Practice focused upon virtual world tools and how they support our work. We meet each Tuesday, 9:30am SLT/ PST at The Epoch Institute, at Wells, of Second Life™ in partnership with Synapse 3Di. Informal sessions are held in addition, each Saturday, 5amSLT/PST and Sunday, 5pmSLT/PST.

The excitement surrounding the possibilities of the Immersive Internet, the opportunities for ignoring distance, more effective engagement and creative innovation have us all in high gear as we witness the unfolding of a remarkable shift in access to information, tools and collaboration. At The Epoch Institute, our interest is to support the migration of both individuals and teams into this remarkable environment. In partnership with Synapse 3Di, we feel that IMMERSION:tools.jam can offer success, particularly to team members, by supporting multiple learning and communications styles, and addressing personal agendas in addition to work tasks.

At tools.jam, we talk about tools, but what we are achieving is comfort with Virtual World skills, and exploration of how this new environment can create remarkable new opportunities for training, teaching and learning. Second Life™, and other virtual platforms, are both the medium and the place for our work. Tools.jam addresses the entire spectrum, from changing your basic appearance in Second Life, to integration of Web 2.0 and Social Media into your presentation skills for sharing information and shaping the learning experience.
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